What would you do with 100 bucks?

I had this crazy idea to ask my Facebook friends what they would do with an extra $100. It was risky but the results were golden.

This What Would You Do with 100 Bucks? started when we found Dollar Shave Club’s cool site and killer funny video, which we share below.

Dollar Shave Club delivers quality razors direct to your man every month for a clean shave and a big save.  “BE BOLD A MIGHTY RAZOR WILL COME TO YOUR AID!”

Read on and enjoy the funny exchange of ideas between my wonderful friends. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

SC: I would buy a puffer fish and tank. Endless joy!


SR: Practical Virgo that I am, I still want a Ba mixer  but I got a tea kettle and floor model bookcase at Benny’s auto instead and have change to go to Crazy Burger for vegan pancakes. Fill the mind, the soup pot, and the stomach. Ah…nice $100. Not creative, but asking for this for years.

If not, buy a male prostitute and live like I never have lived before! (I am so embarrassed to say that on FB, so that is crazy.)

SC: I would get the ‘Strange Brew’ Doug and Bob McKenzie figurines for my husband. They are like $45 apiece. Ridiculous. I would perch them on the edge of our TV stand all Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style silhouette.


SR: Sara, how far out on the edge of the TV? Something like the leg lamp in The Christmas Gift?

SC: Like they are fishing for Elsinore beer in the carpet! Where the DVD case and Christmas stocking gum currently reside.

JI:  Get a hotel room for the night, and sleeeeeeeeep!

SR to SC: perhaps a carpet cleaner would help. Practical use for $100 after the fun use.

SC to SR: I, too, am Virgo and can appreciate that!

MM: I’d get 100 silver dollars and super glue them to the ground all over the house and the office and then get my video camera ready. Or I would have a Charlie Chaplin costume custom made for Jobin Marthasa …and then get my video camera ready.


Jobin Marthasa

AR:  This:
Monty Python’s Total Rubbish (Deluxe 9-CD Box Set) + Free Exclusive Poster!

Monty Python Boxed Set
EM: I am out of control and not appropriate but there are 6 women/teens in this house and they would be my monthly budget on feminine products. Or you know how they say when girls are living are working close they seem to get on the same cycle? Or…..

I would actually use it to pay for a few days in a hotel or send them so I can have some sanity for those few days.

ALH: I would love to play paint ball all day at one of the live zombie paintball experiences.


EM: Or you know how they say when girls are living are working close they seem to get on the same cycle? Well I would actually use thay to pay for a few days in a hotel or send them so I can have some sanity for those few days.

SR to EM: Read The Red Tent to commiserate. It was on TV but not anything like the story.

The REd TEnt

JW: I’d pay everyone in my office to replay the day before. Have everyone in on it but one person. Have the same things like the mailman come and deliver the same mail and just watch as someone slowly starts questioning everything. Or have everyone pretend like its 3 or 4 days earlier in the week and really try and drive it home.

ER: I would hire someone to teach my cat to walk around on two legs wearing a top hat and monocle.

Cat with monocle

So how would you spend an extra 100 bucks?

To learn more about Dollar Shave Club check out their great video! Only one bad word ***** not in it’s entirety.  You have to laugh.

Bye Bye! ~ denise

2 Responses to What Would You Do with 100 Bucks?

  1. Too funny, Denise! I think I’d buy as many earrings as $100 would buy me! I can’t tell you how many earrings I’ve lost in the past several months. (I wish you could buy just one replacement earring….I’d get a lot more for my money!) Wishing you a wonderfully healthy and happy new year!

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