Screen shot Bottle Cap Blues

We all need to know how to open bottles with our teeth, an axe, our zipper, etc. Right?

Welcome to Unusual Ways to Open Bottles from chris sumers on Vimeo. If you do nothing else today, watch this. Just try and keep a straight face.  It’s not possible.

Yes, that was pizza opening a bottle. I love humans and their inventive and ridiculous ideas and ways.  Even if you do not drink beer you have to appreciate their creative efforts.

Jackson Wilcox shared this with me a while back and now it’s here for your viewing pleasure. Comments and ideas welcome!

I’m thirsty now.

Enjoy and best wishes for a fun-filled day of new ideas.


2 Responses to Unusual Ways to Open Bottles | Crazy Videos

  1. Thanks for the laugh, Denise! Loved the fan and the phone best of all. How do people think these things up?

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