Ugg Boots great for Cold Feet!



So did you ever wonder what was in the Nordstrom’s bag from Christmas on our Instagram?

It was these absolutely fantastic Ugg boots. Melody has worn the Adirondack boot almost EVERY day in Utah as of late. She can’t go anywhere without them because she will absolutely die from the treacherous snow and ice. These boots have gotten Melody through it all. Being fur-lined with leather uppers and a Gortex sole (being a hiker, Melody knows how important this is), these things will definitely make it to Yellowstone next winter.

Although right now they’re getting her through the city winter, they’ve also already made in into her snowshoeing shoes. All in all, you guys should really look into these. She’s been trying to sell all of her friends and family on them. Also, it’s an extra highlight that after she bought them she realized they were Kristen Stewart’s (or rather, Bella Swan’s) choice of boot in the Twilight movies.  Not that her style was amazing in those movies, but it’s still kinda cool.

Oh and lastly, she’s wearing a Zara Plaid coat to top it off.

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