Shop Tom's at TargetYes, Toms at Target is now a reality and I am living the dream. Haha!

Call me crazy, but I was counting the days.  Everyone wants the famous and comfy Toms shoes!  That’s just a start.

Best news of all is that it takes me about 6 minutes to get to Target from my house!!

“I can see Target from my house,” I said.   No I cannot.  I just think I am Tina Fey funny.

I am amusing!  My husband say I am a legend in my own mind.   I am pretty sure that’s a compliment.

Tom's Cool Guy Stuff

I could wonder around for hours looking at cool guy stuff…All things Tom's

…and trying on cool girl stuff.  The gray poncho is $28, which is mad crazy good, right?

I want that. I will take it! No, I am not going to try to conceal and run out of the store.  I mean if you give it to me, I will def accept it.


Then I could plot my exciting entry into my Tom’s Leather Journal.  Which, by the way, is a cool $18 buckeroos.  That is a nice gift for 18 doll hairs, if you ask me.


Now I am dreaming of cozy couch time with these snugglies (and hubby of course).  Toms Blankets look kind of yummy warm.


Toms Black Friday Sales!

Gray, blue, white…..this is such a nice, nautical grouping.  See that knit Infinity Scarf?  It comes in Marled Black and White…. I like the sound of that and I LOVER the way it looks.

Enough of this talking about it.  I am going to brave the 52 degree evening to head over there and warm up with a Starbucks while I look for Tom.

Come join me!

Happy Holiday Shopping.

One Response to Toms at Target!

  1. ms lemon tart says:

    I will have to check Target for shoes. I too can see Target from my house. You are too funny. 🙂


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