Rick Guidotti had a chance encounter with a young woman and both their lives changed in the most amazing way.

Rick GuidottiMr. Guidotti is the founder and director of Positive Exposure. They are an innovative arts, education and advocacy organization, working with individuals living with genetic, physical, cognitive and behavioral difference. They use visual arts to change the way we see another human and that changes our whole perspective.

Link through to the post for two heart-warming and special videos.

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Two gees kissing and a duck friend Benson Arizona

Kissing Geese and their pal Duck!

Springtime in Southern Arizona is much like other deserts of the Southwest.  The grasses are greening, the fruit and nut trees are just starting to blossom out.  You still see the dry of the leftover winter, but all in all it is a wonderful place to visit in late February.

I know it is now the middle of summer, but I hope you enjoy our springtime adventure and that you are inspired to visit when the weather cools.  more →

What would you do with 100 bucks?

I had this crazy idea to ask my Facebook friends what they would do with an extra $100. It was risky but the results were golden.

This What Would You Do with 100 Bucks? started when we found Dollar Shave Club’s cool site and killer funny video, which we share below.

Dollar Shave Club delivers quality razors direct to your man every month for a clean shave and a big save.  “BE BOLD A MIGHTY RAZOR WILL COME TO YOUR AID!”

Read on and enjoy the funny exchange of ideas between my wonderful friends. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

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