Valentine Cat and Hearts Download
The Valentine Cat and Hearts free printable download is one of my favorite drawings.  This collection is an assortments of whimsical borders, hearts, polka dot papers, and the cutest little cat.  She is simply adorable and I am excited to share these designs with all of you. more →

Magnets 3

Old Christmas Cards Recycled!  I know that we are still in the midst of the holiday season but read this now so you can keep all those beautiful cards for a fun project.

I collect greeting cards that I have received from my husband, children and family over the years.  Those are in a big box and every once in a while I look at them and smile.

Few of my Christmas cards ever make it to storage as they will be recycled to next year’s decorations! more →


Holiday Diorama Jar Craft!

Hello everyone, I am Marie from The Interior Frugalista, a blog about all things DIY around our humble abode. I’ve enjoyed following BeBetsy for about a year now and I’m thrilled and excited for the opportunity to guest post for Sharon and Denise. more →

Brass Sunflower Pendant

I just have to BRAG A LITTLE about my new favorite shop Rustic Spoonful.

It is a creative collaboration of two of my favorite people – Sharon, my adorable sister and Georgia, a dear and lifelong friend!   more →

Pumpkin Patch Sign

Pumpkin Patch Dream is from our talented blogger friend Lindsay of My Creative Days!  You may not have room for a big pumpkin patch or hay rides but you can make it feel like you do.  Thank you Lindsay for reminding us of how a little whimsy and dreaming can make us feel young again. 

Line of pumpkins

more →

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