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Raven of True Blue Baking

In The Spotlight this week is Raven Jackman, a whiz in the kitchen.  She whips up amazing and delicious good eats! Raven also has a sense of humor and we always finds ourselves smiling big when enjoying our visits to her blog True Blue Baking.

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Gina's Craft Corner | In the Spotlight

Gina of Gina’s Craft Corner

In The Spotlight  this week is Gina Wamsley, the creative and talented woman behind Gina’s Craft Corner.

Gina has an eye for putting together colorful fabric with fun patterns to make her wonderful sewn handbags, clutches, backpacks, cross-over bags and more.  She creates beautiful pressed-flower jewelry, demonstrates applique techniques and even a tutorial on how to print your own fabric! These are just a few of the unique and interesting tutorials and other DIY crafts you will find on Gina’s Craft Corner!

Thanks Gina for joining us at #simplybebetsy and can’t wait to see more of your fabulous creations.
Sharon and Denise

Meet Gina

I am a Work At Home Mom who LOVES being home!  I am kept pretty busy taking care of my 2 sweet girls ages 5 and 7.  We are a homeschooling family, so most of my day is spent either teaching, cooking, cleaning or playing dolls.  In the early mornings, during breaks and late at night you can find me on the sewing machine, blogging OR watching a movie with my hubby (gotta make time for the hubby!).  In the near future I hope to open an Etsy shop where I can sell a variety of handmade bags! 🙂


Gina’s Craft Corner

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