Magnolias – the iconic southern blossom – not really a flower but a flowering tree.

We are surrounded by magnolias here in the Carolinas and how lucky we are! Their beautiful fragrance and majestic presence are just a small part of our natural beauty.

I love when you see the odd one in the wild amongst the oaks or pines. And of course they are a favorite of landscapers with their longevity, height and overall popularity. Magnolias can grow to 100’ tall!

We are surrounded by magnolias in name too. I live on Magnolia Street (yes there are many growing along the street and two massive ones beside the driveway).

On the corner for many years was the Magnolia Inn Bed and Breakfast. Close by is Magnolia Plantation founded in 1676.

It is the oldest public gardens in the United States and has been offering tours for over 140 years. Charleston’s famous Magnolia Cemetery is the resting place of many Confederates and notable figures.

Here you can visit the graves of the third C.S. H.L. Hunley Submarine crew.

Downtown Charleston is the home to Magnolia’s, a restaurant on East Bay St. offering upscale cuisine in the heart of the peninsula.

For those of you who DON’T have magnolias growing in your area perhaps you might settle for a cocktail of the same name. I found “Magnolia” at They use 1.2 ounce measurements, but rounding up is always an option!


1.2 oz bourbon
1.2 oz Grand Marnier
Dash of sugar syrup
Dash of soda water

Mix all ingredients and pour over ice in a rock glass. Top off with more soda water.

And for those of you who DO have magnolias in your area perhaps you might like the cocktail anyway!  Cheers!

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