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Did you know that sunlight is a powerful disinfectant? It can kill harmful bacteria and it’s environmentally friendly!

Solar water disinfection (SODIS) is now recommended by the World Health Organization as a viable method for water treatment and safe storage. This is great for emergency preparedness and also for those who are outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers or anyone who finds themselves in adverse situations without fresh water.

Here’s some tips for cleaning up water:

Use transparent PET water or soda pop bottles (2 liter or smaller) with few surface scratches. Remove the labels and wash well.

To improve oxygen saturation fill the bottle three-quarters and then shake for 20 seconds and then fill completely.

Now give your bottles sunlight! Bottles will heat faster and to higher temperatures if they are placed on a sloped sun-facing corrugated metal surface (used frequently in countries where clean water is hard to find) but direct sunlight anywhere is effective.

Suggested treatment schedule:

Weather conditions and minimum treatment duration

Sunny (less than 50% cloud cover) – 6 hours
Cloudy (50–100% cloudy, little to no rain) – 2 days

For complete information check these links:

Solar Water Disinfection
Emergency Preparedness and Clean Water

More Solar Uses:

Looking for sweeter smelling kitchen sponges? Even if we soap them, put them in the dishwasher and even pour on lemon juice sometimes they still retain an unpleasant odor. You can eliminate this by setting in them in direct sunlight for an hour to two.

Even with a lined kitchen trash can may still smell unpleasant so, after washing with soap and water, I leave them under the bright sun for a freshening.

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