A few days ago while walking through the isles of one of the big craft stores, I felt completely overwhelmed. I was simultaneously surrounded by three holidays. They seemed to be competing with each other for my attention and my dollars.

Around My Table

I understand that retailers want to get a jump on things; they are in business to sell. This “get em while the getting is good” strategy often makes me long for the good old days of retail.

I remember working at Jacobson’s, one of only few high end department stores we had 30+ years ago. Back then each holiday had time to shine on its own and Christmas items were not for sale in August.

Autumn Colors Adorn this Table Setting

How can you not feel overwhelmed when you’re buying backpacks, Halloween costumes, turkey centerpieces and ornaments for your tree?  It feels like the rush is always on to get through each holiday, rather than take the time to truly enjoy each one.

Around My Table sets a beautiful tablle

Since I’ve been blogging I have allowed myself to get caught up in the rush. Halloween is this week and I’m already planning the tables I want to create for Christmas. My mind is so focused on what’s coming down the pipe that I decided to let the Halloween dessert table be it for the season. Meanwhile I have a plastic bin full of Halloween decorations that will remain untouched for this year.

That is crazy! Is this what burnout feels like?

Lovely glasses make a beautiful table setting

In a huge effort to stop and smell the pumpkin spice I put together this fall table.  It’s simple and cozy. Best of all, I did not buy anything new for it. According to the assumed protocol of tablescaping, I should be telling you all about the pieces I’ve used and where I got them from. This time I want to just share these pictures and my thoughts with you.

Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful week.

At My Table setting

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4 Responses to Stop and Smell the Pumpkin Spice

  1. What beautiful pumpkin inspired decorations! Autumn is in your air while Spring is in mine but now I miss it 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Yes, autumn is so wonderful and Sandra always sets an amazing table! Spring is lovely as well so we are both in a good place! Best wishes friend!

  3. I love your autumn table, Sandra! Perfect for Halloween through Thanksgiving. And I sure do miss Jacobson’s china and kitchen department!

  4. I love this season and I love how you decorated the table with fall colors!

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