Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls

Asian cuisine has always been the hardest type of cuisine for me to make. I’ve tried to make fried rice, sushi, crab rangoon, and wontons. None of them turned out the way I expected at all. The dishes tasted nothing like authentic Asian food.

My fried rice was overcooked and gooey. My crab rangoon didn’t have enough crab. My wontons were wrapped wrong, so they fell apart during the cooking process.

I’ve never tried to make spring rolls. I was afraid my seasonings wouldn’t taste the same. I was afraid it would fall apart during cooking. Who knew what else could go wrong? I know traditional spring rolls are filled with meat and veggies, but I wanted to add my own fillings.

Please, enjoy!

2 Cups Crab Meat, Shredded
1 Cup Fully Cooked Medium Shrimp, Peeled and De-veined
8 Oz. Cream Cheese. Softened
2 Green Onions, Chopped
10 Lumpia Wrappers (Defrost for an hour prior to use)
2 Cups Canola Oil

Place shrimp, crab, and cream cheese in food processor and mix on low until completely blended. Spoon mixture into a medium bowl, then fold in onions. Place lumpia wrapper on a flat, smooth surface. Using a tablespoon, scoop seafood mixture into bottom corner of wrapper.

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring RollsA

Fold the bottom corner up over the mixture.

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls

Fold the left and right corners to the tip of the bottom corner, to resemble an envelope.

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring RollsA

Roll the wrapper all the way to the top corner.

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring RollsRA

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls

Over low to medium heat, fry rolls in oil until they are light golden brown. Let slightly cool before serving.

Seafood and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls

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