We SchmoozedSchmooze | Grow Your Social Media 5

Link your Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!

SCHMOOZE | Grow Your Social Media
Wed 9:00 am through Fri 6:00 pm MST
03/12/2014 – 03/14/14

When Schmoozing please copy and paste these hashtags:

#schmooze #bebetsy

  1. Follow BeBetsy and share the party post on Google+, include hashtags
  2. Link up your social networks (add any picture you want)
  3. Socialize by following the party goers
  4. Share on Google+ if you like what you see and always +1
  5. Happy Hour – Come by again on Fridays to make sure you’ve Schmoozed with everyone!
  6. As a participant in the party you’ll receive a weekly email reminder, which you can opt out of anytime.

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Link your GOOGLE+ (plus.google.com/youraccount)

Link your PINTEREST (pinterest.com/youraccount) use any image

Link your FACEBOOK (facebook.com/youraccount) use any image

Link your INSTAGRAM (instagram.com/yourname) use any image

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2 Responses to Schmooze | Grow Your Social Media 5

  1. Hi Ladies I think I uploaded my instagram account ok I’m not sure this is the first time linking up instagram. Can you let me know if I did that ok? Thanks so much and have a nice day.
    Julie at Julie’s Lifestyle

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