25,000 miles per hour! That’s the speed an object must fly to escape the earth’s gravitational pull.  While space travel is certainly 

appealing and ultimately exhilarating, it’s unlikely that most of us will have the means to reach the necessary escape velocity to high-tail it off the planet.

Only because escape velocity is the speed at which a body must travel before it breaks free of the gravitational pull of a celestial body and it varies based on the body’s mass and right there my chances have been LARGELY reduced.

In the event you are not a rocket scientist and unlikely to have committed this to memory –  The Earth’s escape velocity is 11.186 km/s (25,022 mph or about Mach 37) – which is just darn fast!

Breaking free of earthly constraints would be interesting.  Giving yourself the highest possibility of success would definitely demand advanced planning and preparation.

And what does any of this have to do with financial planning?  A lot!

Financial planning is an extension of life planning because without financial resources we may find it difficult to do those things that would bring us life fulfillment, happiness and exhilarating!

So here is the point:  Whether you want to reach the escape velocity to leave the planet, or plan for more earth-oriented milestones, it’s the same process.   Begin by saying those grand ideas out loud – you can even shout them if it helps.  Then get yourself a notebook and write your big ideas down.  Look at them every morning for inspiration.  Then you can start to make a plan of action to baby-step to success.

Whether you move along at high velocity or at a slower pace – it’s your choice.  It really isn’t the speed that matters most, it is the first step into action.

You know, it’s like one small step for you, one giant leap for …… you get the idea.

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