Two gees kissing and a duck friend Benson Arizona

Kissing Geese and their pal Duck!

Springtime in Southern Arizona is much like other deserts of the Southwest.  The grasses are greening, the fruit and nut trees are just starting to blossom out.  You still see the dry of the leftover winter, but all in all it is a wonderful place to visit in late February.

I know it is now the middle of summer, but I hope you enjoy our springtime adventure and that you are inspired to visit when the weather cools.  more →

Like this turkey burger with lemon mayo

Quick, easy, delicious turkey burgers are yummy and satisfying any day of the week! Whether you find yourself draped across the couch, our hanging pool-side, you should not have to re-direct what little bit of energy you have left (after working, shopping, kids, music lessons, blogging, homework, etc.) to make a meal ….. just reach for the ground turkey! more →

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