Of all the foods I love, Mexican cuisine is right up there at the top of the list. So many things to love about it with all the different peppers and the slow cooked meats, cheeses, and tortillas…but I really love how versatile salsas and picos can be.

I discovered salsa verde (or tomatillo sauce) about 10 years ago at a Mexican restaurant. It’s not that I hadn’t seen it before, I just never gave it enough thought to try it.  Once I did, it instantly became one of my favorite flavors. I think it’s the tanginess I like so much.

I started out making a classic salsa verde, but once I had my tomatillos prepared I realized I was out of limes. However, thanks to my family’s love of oranges I had plenty of those so I thought why not – it’s a citrus, right?  It worked so well!

Then I googled it and discovered I’m not the first genius to sub orange juice for the lime in this yummy salsa.  I’m still proud of it!

Feel free to adjust the ingredients however you want.  More jalapenos? Sounds good to me!

The recipe made a large jar that I’ve kept in my fridge for a couple of weeks, but it’s dwindling!  Time to make more!

Fantastic dip with tortilla chips or pour over enchiladas,
burritos, or nachos.

Here’s the recipe.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Lets Salsa Verde

  1. Thanks Shea! The bright green of the salsa is so enticing and I’m anxious to make it with the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

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