My husband says I will talk to anyone who will listen.  I think he exaggerates.  Or maybe not, as I do enjoy conversing.   It’s amazing what you can learn from starting a conversation with someone.

One Saturday morning I wandered over to my neighbor’s garage sale.  She had the the wackiest assortment of unusual items.

While pawing through old wallets I discovered some miniature vintage-Vegas lapel pins, complete with  tiny little batteries that trigger flashing little lights when you pin them on.

A must have for any discerning woman.

That morning one my neighbor’s friends came by.  We got to chatting about  our families and when she heard that my grandparents were from Elsinore, Utah she got very excited as her grandparents were from there as well.

Elsinore is tiny, tiny, tiny  town  and I live 200 miles from there in a melting-pot city of people from all over the world.  So to meet someone who screams aloud when I say “Elsinore” is unusual.

(Check out this picture of the Old Rock School House in Elsinore!)

My new-found friend and I were so excited to learn of this Elsinore connection that I ran home to get a photo of my grandfather in his younger years when he coached the Elsinore baseball team.

She took one look and shouted, “Your grandfather is standing next to my grandfather and I have the same picture!”  “What?” I said.

She jumped in her truck and hightailed it home returning 20 minutes later with her photo and sure enough there were our grandfathers side by side!

My Grandpa Joe is the tall guy in the suit on the left and her grandfather is the guy right next to him.

The sun was starting to fade and our neighbor was cleaning up all traces of the garage sale and we said our goodbyes with hugs and smiles.

I have not seen my Elsinore buddy in a year but would gladly welcome her into my home  to talk again and find some other wonderful and random connections.

The world is huge but when you start talking and asking questions you’ll find it may shrink to the size of your own back yard.

For more about the Danes of Elsinore check out A Danish Family Tradition.

Please share your random connection stories in Comments!

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9 Responses to Random Connections and New Found Friends

  1. Tess_Gardner says:

    Beautiful story!!! What a small world, eh? I’m happy you found an old connection and a new friend =))

  2. Thanks for your comment Tess!  I love to write about my family!  So appreciate you stopping by. @Tess_Gardner

  3. sjwilde says:

    What a wonderful and surprising story. I’ll bet you wish your grandfather was still alive to answer all the questions in your mind.

  4. Aubrie says:

    What a great story! It truly is amazing the people we meet everyday and how, in this great big world, we are connected. I hope your friend does return to share more wonderful memories.

  5. Georgia says:

    Great story Denise! Remember when you discovered that my Dad was the local butcher from your neighborhood, that was a “small world moment” 🙂

  6. Denise says:

    Georgia, I will never forget your dear father. You and I were meant to find each other and be best friends. That was a small world moment indeed. Love you girl!

  7. Eileen says:

    Denise, I am like you. A co-worker once named me “Chatty Cathy”. My husband likes it that I’m the talker. He can shrink back into the shadows that way – lol. What a neat story about your grandfather’s.

  8. Jackson Wilcox says:

    I just love this story. It’s always nice to make connections with strangers on common ground. It really makes you feel human, ya know?

  9. Denise says:

    Eileen – our husbands would be great together and you and I…. well I imagine we could shake things up a bit!

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