Pinterest has become something of an obsession to me.  One of my favorite interest boards is Inspire Me It’s filled with interesting and entertaining motivational quotes, tips and pics.

Fitness pins are very popular which leads me to believe that most want a healthy and attractive body.  Yet despite all of the information indicating both the physical and mental benefits of exercise, the majority of people still can’t seem to do it.  We post inspirational quotes and pictures on our fridge, compile lists of workouts and eating plans, but the answer is we just have to get up and get moving.

This is a big challenge for many, but why?  Perhaps it’s because it takes finding something that MOVES us!

 I have always struggled with math.  I hate it.  It never came easy and I always beat myself up with my poor performance on every exam.  While I never had an aptitude for the numbers I later excelled in other academic areas such as history and literature.  Everyone has their own unique skills whether it’s in academic subjects or in physical activities.  It comes down to natural ability.

Research shows that when you do an activity that doesn’t feel right you’ll get discouraged and quit.  On the other hand, an activity that is easier to master naturally will be more enjoyable!

For 16 years my husband has tried to teach me to play tennis.  For 16 years I have hit the ball too high or missed all together! I don’t like tennis.  Then I tried mountain biking.  This was a big cardio challenge for me, but it felt good.  Now I mountain bike at least once a week and road bike on two other days and I LOVE IT!  I found a great fit in cycling.  I found what moves me.

Try different activities!  Be attuned to how you feel mentally and physically during your workout.  You should feel challenged, not punished.  Try walking, yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, cycling or gardening.  There are a million fun ways to get fit.  Keep experimenting until you find what moves you and then stick to it!  You’ll be glad you did.

What inspires you to have a healthy body?

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