Are you a bride-to-be or know someone getting married?

If so, then you’ve experienced the endless clamoring to come up with creative ideas to make that day as special as possible!

Good news!  BeBetsy has discovered that special something that will delight your guests and provide years of memories.

Meet Michelle and Ben, the creative duo of Modern Keepsake, with their impressive line of personalized memento’s and keepsakes. Visit their Etsy Shop or website and see all of their wonderful designs, not only for weddings, but life’s moments captured in print.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Michelle Christina and I am the proprietress of Modern Keepsake. I’ve been self employed for nearly all of my post college years and I’ve had a hand in a variety of design and art related ventures. Most recently and notably is Modern Keepsake, which was imagined and then founded with my significant other Ben.


When did you first discover your creative talents?

I guess you could say I was born artsy. I’ve been drawing and painting for most of my life. I keep (hoard?) paper scraps with sketches and ideas scrawled all over them. I’ve dabbled in many different art processes – from printmaking and photography to stained glass making. I think inspiration begets inspiration and that creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. I really like to be surrounded by inspired people, interesting places and objects.

How did you come up with this great idea?

My partner (and love) Ben and I are at the age where we can’t throw a stone without hitting someone that’s newly engaged, or about to take a trip down the aisle.  We’ve attended a variety of weddings from formal to eccentric and there are always a few traditional elements that seem to be an after thought to the process.  So, we thought it was time to update a tradition with a unique guestbook alternative!

Our collection of thumbprint and signature tree wedding guestbooks were born from the idea that a guestbook can double as a collaborative art piece.  They can be used to engage your guests and to capture memories from your big day.

Tell us about your work – your studio and process.

I have a small studio in New Hampshire that I share with Ben and an excitable yellow lab named Ginger. Ben is the more tech savvy half of the business and I round out the creative portion. The artwork I make is generally created digitally although occasionally starts with a sketched out idea on paper. We spend our time proofing artwork with our clients until colors are just right and we print all of our artwork in our little studio.


What are your dreams for your business?

I really thrive on being a small business owner – although it’s occasionally stressful to wear so many hats – I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the freedom to implement new ideas and create new products. I hope Modern Keepsake continues to add happy memories to wedding days all of the world for years to come.



Apart from creating things, what else do you do?

Ben and I are both avid hikers (so is Ginger!) – We really enjoy traipsing through the woods with a camera. I’m a sponge for information and spend a fair bit of time reading. I enjoy baking and I also like the idea of container gardening, but I wouldn’t exactly say that I have a green thumb!



What else would you like our readers to know?

The concept of a bridezilla client is so few and so far in between that it really makes me wonder how that idea came to be! Our brides (and grooms) never cease to amaze us with their friendliness and enthusiasm!



Visit Modern Keepsake at their Website * Etsy Shop * Facebook

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One Response to Unique Guestbooks by Modern Keepsake

  1. Denise says:

    These are just beautiful! What a great idea for a family reunion, wedding or other important gathering. Cool!

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