Finally, the wait is over!  The IPA Brittany Cole and I set out to brew a few weeks ago is complete and we have enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  I am in possession of eighteen 12 oz. bottles and two 22 oz. bottles of our Lovecraft Ale and it gladdens me to report on its quality.

When setting out on this project I maintained that it was about the journey – an experience of learning and friendship building.  If in the end we had constructed a brew worthy of our mutual respect for alcohol than it would be a bonus.  Basically I was afraid we would make a crummy beer so I safeguarded myself against it.  This is how I live my life.  Never comfortable creating, always nervous until the project is finished, be it music or martinis.  But once again my fears were dashed by the presence of a knowledgeable peer.  For the greatest creative endeavors are collaborative and I have great friends!

On the nose Lovecraft Ale has slight nut and honey notes.  Almond skin and orange rind meet you on tasting followed by pine nut.  If these elements seem abrasive or too angular I can tell you they are wonderfully smooth and refreshing with fruit on a scorching summer afternoon.  It’s a well balanced yet unchallenging beer built for enjoyment.


A final note on my brewing experience with Brittany Cole: In home brewing not only is there the possibility of completely unique and charming creations, there is the guarantee of high yields of beer.  I gifted my father a six-er and I still have more cold ones than I can drink in a week.  And that’s saying something.

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One Response to Port of Entree Beer Making | Part 2

  1. Denise says:

    I had the pleasure and honor of drinking this delightful brew…very refreshing with great hoppy flavor and a hint of citrus. Wonderful served icy cold!

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