Along the Wasatch Front March is the month where the snow begins to recede.  This is the month when I begin to clean up all that winter has deposited in my yard and garden.

The piles of wet leaves and debris that have accumulated in the corners of the fence get turned into the compost bin or thrown in the trash.

Our favorite March activity is planting peas, radishes, beets and carrots.  This spring, have your kids get their fingers dirty and help plant some seeds!

Having them help sow the seeds is a great way to get them involved in gardening! Research shows that when kids grow healthy food they are much more likely to eat healthy foods.

This year our family will be experimenting with some fun varieties of veggies such as the Chioggia beet that looks like a bulls eye when sliced, Kaleidoscope carrots which are purple, yellow, red and orange, and Fire and Ice radishes.

Take your kids to the garden center this weekend and let them choose a packet of seeds.  There are some fun and delicious options that are also very easy to grow!

We can’t wait until the end of the month to plant these seeds!

March in Your Garden:

Begin planning for bulb planting in the fall.  Look for places that need more bulbs or different colors and make notes so you can order and plant accordingly in the fall.

There is still time to prune dormant trees and shrubs.

Begin sowing seeds that need 8-10 weeks indoors before transplanting.

Begin preparing your garden tools for a new season of use.  Sharpen pruners and clippers and chainsaws.  Make sure your lawnmower and other equipment is in working order.

Prune old wood from blooming plants such as Butterfly bush, Rose of Sharon.

Don’t prune spring blooming shrubs except to correct shape of the plant.

Fertilize early flowering bulbs as they begin to emerge.

If the earth is crumbly, you may begin to till compost or manure into your soil at the end of the month.

Plant cold weather seeds like peas, carrots, beets etc.

 Let us know what fun seeds you found to plant!

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3 Responses to In Your Garden | March

  1. Denise says:

    Great post Jennifer! I enjoyed reading it, so much fun when you have kids around.

  2. Macey says:

    Good reminder to get out in the sun and dirt and get planting!

  3. Aubrie says:

    Great article!!! Keep up the great writing Jennifer!

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