Foccacia loaf wtih rosemary and olive oil

This is my first homemade Focaccia bread. I was inspired by an episode of Baking with Julia where her guest is Craig Kominiak, executive chef of Ecce Panis Bakery in NYC and Focaccia baker extraordinaire! 

The dough is easy to throw together.  I was surprised that Chef Kominiak did not warm the water just a bit before adding the yeast and then he whisked it into the water to activate it.

I have been baking bread for a very long time and have never started my dough this way.

The dough was so light and wonderful after the second rise, I marveled at how well it worked without any need for a thermometer to check the water temp before adding the yeast.

Delicious homemade bread

This picture shows you how yeasty wonderful it is after the second rise.

Dough Balls 1

The dough was so fragrant, soft and pliable to work with. These little gems of round bread dough will go into an oiled freezer bag and finish the development process in the refrigerator until the next day.

Close up bread

The bread was delicious and my family was mad for it.  As you see in the picture, we brushed on olive oil and also lots of my fave homemade Quick and Easy Salad Dressing.  Check out the link to the yummy dressing that I drizzle on everything and see some great Fresh Basil Ideas.

Earlier in the day I cut a big piece, sliced in half , slathered on olive oil and a little mayo and topped it with turkey slices and a few basil leaves. Heavenly sandwich bread too!

This next week I will try a Chef Kominiak special with grilled vegetables and cheese! Oh my!

Here is the ingredients list and following is the video to guide you through the making of the dough and several ideas for the finished breads!

What you’ll need:

1 3/4  cups water – room temperature
1/4     cup olive oil
1         package dry yeast
6 1/2  cups unbleached flour, may need a little more or a little less

Olive oil for brushing and rosemary, thyme or other herbs for infusing in the olive oil and adding on top of one of the breads.

There is no salt in the dough so a sprinkle on top works well.  You could always add a little to the dough, guessing 3/4 teaspoon would do.

If you plan on using with cheese or salty meats, etc. you may not need it.  I did not miss it at all!

The link to the video presentation follows.  It’s a great tutorial and wonderful to watch the preparation of the dough and finished product.

Baking With Julia and Craig Kominiak


2 Responses to Fragrant and Delicious Homemade Focaccia Bread

  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful bread, Denise! I have never baked a bread with yeast, so I’m mighty impressed by yours, and your yeast-lingo. Second rise? It’s all foreign to me!

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