I love cooking with fresh herbs. There’s nothing like bringing home that little bundle of scent and flavor that is going to compliment your next recipe so perfectly. However, after you’ve chopped and used that one or two required tablespoons the rest often is condemned to spoil and waste away. Well I decided “no more!”

I had heard of freezing herbs in ice cubes and it sure seemed like an easy enough task.  It is.  And it is so handy to be able to grab a tablespoon (cube) or two and get the benefit of fresh herbs once again!


Chop up your left over fresh herbs. Put 1 tablespoon of herbs in each ice cube spot. Add water, filling to top and freeze.


When frozen empty the trays into a bowl and fill a marked bag. Now how easy is that?  I love that next time I need this herb I have an already purchased stock in the freezer!   You can either thaw and drain your herbs or add the cubes directly to a stock or other liquid.