The holidays are long gone now, which I am grateful for because they are stressful as hell for me.  It is for everyone, but especially for me.  Mostly because I’m lazy by nature.  I think I like feeling stressed out though.  It’s a reason to treat myself to a little extra free time.

You’re probably wondering why, with the weather warming up, I’d be thinking of cold weather holidays at all.   It’s because this past Christmas I gave my mother a bottle of Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or.  A 12 year old single malt Scotch finished in Sauternes Casks and we recently did a tasting!

She whipped up some phenomenal bacon wrapped scallops to pair with the spirit.  The huge butter flavors and smokey bacon held up fantastically against the over the top explosion brought on by each sip of Glenmorangie.  I was afraid the drink would completely overpower any food pairing but this was the perfect crime.

The Nectar D’Or was a beautiful honey gold with a nose of caramel and chocolate mousse.  On the palate the caramel stayed true as well as hints of citrus.

In addition to the Nectar D’Or the Glenmorangie brand ranges from the Original 10 year old to the extra-matured and private editions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sip them all?

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