Graham Crackers

My brother and I spent many hours at our Grandma Barbara’s home and she always had lots of treats for us, especially frozen Tortino pizza that we begged her for!  This seems funny now looking back – we just really liked that pizza!

She loved sweets as well and always had a cake, pie or cookies but when she didn’t she would whip up a batch of Frosted Graham Crackers. I thought everybody knew what these were but come to find out they are not common at all.

They are so easy to make. Just gather the ingredients for your favorite buttercream frosting and slap it between two graham crackers. Let them set a while before you eat them so the cracker will soften a little. Or serve your frosting in a bowl and dip your crackers right in…. no double dipping unless you are alone. 🙂

We always liked chocolate best. Now that I’m an adult I like to add a little instant Starbucks Colombian coffee to the mix – which is oohhh soooo delicious!


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2 Responses to Grandmas Frosted Graham Crackers

  1. Denise says:

    Love these little memories of my childhood as well. I still make them weekly for a quick chocolate fix!

  2. ohhhh this flooded back lots of good childhood memories…yours is much fancier – we used store bought frosting & a layer of peanut butter (mmmm try it – you’ll like it)

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