Fried Jalapeno Poppers

The crispy crunch of the fried egg-roll wrapper is the perfect, and I mean per. fect. little snuggie for the slightly spicy & super cheesy filling!

This recipe was submitted to BeBetsy by Amy of Oh Bite It.


  • 1 package Large Egg Roll Wraps
  • 12 whole Jalapenos
  • 12 sticks String Cheese
  • 3 cups Acnola or Peanut Oil
  • 1 cup Ranch Dressing


Serves 12

Cut off both ends of each Jalapeno & slice them in down the center in half, creating 2 pieces

Remove all the “stuff” from the insides of the Jalapeno halves..making sure to get all those seeds out!

Add a stick of String Cheese in between those 2 pieces of the Jalapeno, putting it back “together” with the cheese inside

In a small bowl, mix the egg-wash (1 egg beaten with a splash of water)

Lay out a egg-roll wrapper and brush all of the edges with the egg-wash

Roll up the cheese filled pepper inside the a diagonal, just like an egg roll..making sure to fold in the sides good and tight!

In a large pot, add about 3″ of oil, and get it good and hot!

Carefully drop in a couple of Poppers and roll them around in the oil, until they’re evenly crispy and golden! Put those old take-out chopsticks to use..they’re PERFECT for Pepper Popper rolling!

Drain them on some paper towel

Serve them nice & warm, so they’re ooey gooey D-lish!

Dip them in plenty of Ranch

This recipe was submitted to BeBetsy by Amy of Oh Bite It.

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