Each February my children and I wait for our crocuses to poke their sunny heads up through the snow.   This is the first sign that spring is on the way.  It is so fun to see the progress of the bulbs pushing their way up through the soil and the snow.  Blades of green, then a bud of hope!  A bud of spring color!  After months of browns, grays and whites, it is refreshing and wonderful to see color!

Last year my 4 year old, breathless and pink-cheeked, burst into the house to drag me outside so I could take his picture with the first crocus of the season.  Seeing the bright sunny yellow of our little crocus made me almost as giddy as my son!

What to do in your garden in February:

  • Order plants and bulbs for spring planting.  For best selection it is important to order early.
  • Tidy and organize your planting area.
  • Clean pots and floats.  Unwashed containers may contain pests or diseases.  Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for the best sterilization.
  • Depending on your zone, you may begin to sow those seeds needing 10 – 12 weeks indoors before transplanting.
  • Bring potter bulbs inside to force for Easter.
  • Prune fall-bearing raspberries.
  • Shake heavy snow from trees and shrubs to avoid breakage.
  • Turn compost.

Just a few steps to take today to help your lovely garden grow!

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3 Responses to In Your Garden | February

  1. Great article Jen. Love the little chocolate milk stache on Josh! thanks!

  2. inesska32 says:

    ohhh.. this soooo reminded me my days back in Russia…. This article brought my childhood memory back… we used look for first flowers under the snow.. loved it.. 🙂

  3. inesska32 says:

    Ohhh.. this article brought memory of my childhood back in Russia… love it…we used to do that….

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