Here are a handful of my favorite pictures taken the last few weeks. I do not claim to know what I am doing, but I love nature and whimsy.

Big sky Nevada Las Vegas Valley

Almost every evening the big sky over the Las Vegas Valley puts on an amazing display.  I live in the hills of Henderson, above the fray where I can really breathe and capture many fine shots of my Big Sky Nevada.


The birds are so funny and combative at times trying to get to their food source. This shot was taken from my family room, through the rain spotted windows, across the yard to the feeder.  I call it “BIRD GOSSIP ON SEED PHONE.”  :0


We have all manner of wildlife hanging around our yard.  I love when the furry bunny’s ears are glowing in the sun… again through the family room window.


It was late afternoon about a week ago when I looked up to see this gigantic cloud spreading across our wide desert sky.  It was either the edge of the front moving in or a menacing space ship.  I stayed outside waiting for the ARRIVAL of either one. And I was not disappointed.


I am obsessed with talking weird pictures.  Like this one.  Camera in hand outside under dark sky, pushing through bushes to get under strand of Christmas lights hanging on house. Look up and take picture. Wonder about why people wonder about my sanity. Figure it out. I’m okay you’re ok.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you found something to enjoy.

Best wishes to all!


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