Fall arrangement

There is something so lovely about the arrival of Fall.

The large windows in our family room look out into the backyard and day by day we watch the colors change on the deciduous trees and marvel at how the pomegranate tree glows golden in the autumn air.  In the high desert of the Southwest Fall arrives later than many climates in the US. When it does come, it brings the falling leaves and crisp, clean air.

The leaves are usually all down by the first week in December and that’s when we hope for a big wind to lift them over the wall and away from us and the drudgery of mulching or bagging.  Doesn’t everyone hope for wind at that time of year?  Haha!

On Saturday I pulled out my favorite vase that my husband had given me filled with flowers in the Spring and found that the river rocks stacked nicely in the bottom.  I like the texture and color of those.

He cut foliage from from the ornamental grass plant pictured below. As the days grow shorter the thin green spears of this perennial start to brown a bit and then the soft brown and red wheat-like spears rise until they eventually open to soft-as-cotton top.  We cut this back,almost to the ground, before the hard freeze and it comes back in glorious green fashion in the Spring.

Reed 2

The deep golden leaves in the vase were trimmed from our young pomegranate tree. It replaced an older apricot tree that gave us many years of treasured fruit before it’s last hurrah 2 years ago. Most fruit trees do very well in the desert. We have apple, nectarines, apricots, pistachios and now pomegranate.  This Spring I want to plant Meyer lemons somewhere close to the house to help protect them from the cold. It can get very cold in the high desert!


This vase was not a huge project or anything earth shattering. Just hubby and I on a Saturday morning enjoying the sunshine and trying to capture the last fleeting moment of color before the cold breezes finish off the leaves on the trees.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~ Denise

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4 Responses to Fall Garden Vase | DIY

  1. Love, love love this Denise!

  2. Amy says:

    You did capture it very nicely. I’ve got the same ornamental grasses growing, and never thought to snip some off and bring it inside. I hope the gardeners haven’t cut it back yet — I’m running outside first thing in the morning! Thanks for the inspiration, Denise!

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