West Elm

Modern Marrakesh Express Bedroom

This morning I am dreaming of bedroom magic!  My master bedroom is nice enough but looking at it this morning, it really is boring. What to do? My first thought of fancy turns to West Elm for inspiration.

I can drive to this wonderful store in 10 minutes (!!) and browse for endless hours. If only they served coffee and cookies I would move in!

I do not possess a natural decorator’s touch but I know cool when I see it!

You will understand this – I spend hours imagining how wonderful our home would be if I could get hubby to agree to an unlimited budget.  (Insert Laugh Out Loud here, and slap your forehead back to reality!)  That is unrealistic but I have some ideas for helping this project along.

I have to gently coax my husband into helping me.  It just may work if I make a big peach pie and than start discussing my ideas using these keywords and phrases:

Spice it up
Go wild
Breath new life
Love sanctuary

See how smart I am?

West Elm

This spicy little number is the A Touch of Luxe bedroom! Sigh, love the coppery little table and of course gray and yellow are a killer combination.

West Elm

Oh the California Cool with your orange accents, modern furniture and giant window to the beach (how do I get that view and sand too?)

West Elm

Perhaps this inviting English Garden Escape will peak my husband’s interest? Subtle yet inviting.  Subtle I have never been but it is rather alluring :).

Ahem, I dream!  Hey, it’s Sunday today so I will wake the darling husband, fix coffee and his favorite sausage biscuits and gravy and lure him to West Elm!  If you do not have one close by check out all the links!

Pleasant dreams!


4 Responses to Dreaming of Bedroom Magic

  1. Eileen says:

    I only wished I had an unlimited budget and a decorators touch too Denise. I think the peach pie and your keywords just might help motivate your hubby, and if you have a television in your bedroom, and your hubby is anything like mine, throw in the word bigger TV, that usually gets his attention – lol!

    • Haha! My husband would die if he saw this post or maybe not!! It’s good to know what motivates them and then use it.
      Thanks Eileen, always nice to have you stop by.

  2. Amy says:

    Yes, we have to be very clever in getting our hubbies to agree to these kinds of things. Hope your sausage biscuits worked their magic on him!

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