Mason jars have been quite the rage of late.  I am not talking about your grandma’s mason jars!  Well, actually I am.

BUT, people have gotten quite creative using mason jars in a variety of creative and pretty ways!

Mason jars aren’t just preserves anymore!

Here are a few of my favorite things to do with the humble Mason jar.

I can’t think of a prettier way to organize sewing notions, paint brushes, colored pencils, or buttons.
This wedding season mason jars are HUGE! Many brides going for a more rustic look are using mason jars for centerpiece vases. Some are using spray paint or glass paint to customize the color. Be it for a wedding or the handful of flowers, a mason jar makes a perfect vase.
Fire fly jars:
We used this idea at my daughter’s birthday party. Simply take glow in the dark paint – or break open a glo stick and splatter the inside of a mason jar. Voila instant fire flies!
Gift Jars:At Christmas time we love to fill mason jars with oatmeal chocolate chip quick bread mix or homemade hot chocolate for neighbor gifts.
Individual Desserts:
What a fun way to serve your guests dessert at your next gathering. We made cheese cake, but you can find many recipes for cakes and other yummy treats on the web.
Votive – lantern:
Simply add sand, shells or river rocks and a candle and you have a beautiful rustic lantern.
Spice Rack:
I love making homemade jerk seasoning, taco seasoning, and cajun seasoning. Small mason jars are the perfect way to store my little collection.
Sewing Kit:
I saw a DARLING mason jar sewing kit on Anthropologie. Sadly, it is no longer available… but you can make your own. What a perfect gift for someone headed off to college, a newly wed or anybody really!


Showing off a special collection:
Mason jars are the perfect way to show off your children’s collection of marbles, sea shells or squinkies!

Bored Jar:
This is one of my favorites. Tired of your children complaining they are bored. Make a list of activities, some fun, (play dress ups or paint a picture), some not so fun, (sweep the kitchen floor or organize your closet). Cut the list into strips, fold them up and place them in a mason jar. Next time you hear, “Mmoomm! I’m bored”, pull out the jar and let them choose an activity. The catch is that whichever activity they choose, they MUST do it!

I know there are a million other great mason jar uses!  Share some of your ideas with us!

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2 Responses to DIY | Mason Jars

  1. Eileen says:

    I’ve always love Mason jars. They are so practical and country cool! I just saw some spray painted and that really kicks things up a knotch 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  2. Aubrie says:

    WOW!!! Who knew a mason jar was so versatile! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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