Bath Salts

Sometimes I wish I had a full spa in my house. I wouldn’t have to schedule an appointment. I wouldn’t have to worry about others seeing me walk around in a bath robe. I wouldn’t have to worry about spending an outrageous amount of money just to be pampered for one hour. I would have no worries at all.

Until that day comes, I’ll have to either visit a local spa or have my own at home makeshift mini-spa. Since I don’t want to spend an exuberant amount of money, I’m choosing the latter. Of course it won’t be anything extravagant. Just me, our Jacuzzi tub, maybe some candles, and of course bath salts.

A spa, makeshift or not, isn’t complete without bath salts. The aroma of vanilla, lavender, or citrus filling the air always sets the mood for a relaxing evening. Here is my easy mixture to make bath salts for your own at home spa. Enjoy!

What You Need

½ Cup Epsom Salt
½ Cup Coarse Sea Salt
¼ Cup Baking Soda
3-6 Drops Essential Oil (Any Fragrance)
2 Tbsp. Lavender Leaves

Food Color (I used 10 Green Drops, 4 Blue Drops, and 2 Yellow Drops; Always use more color than desired in finished product)

Glass Container


Ingredientsfor bath salts



In small container, mix Epsom salt and essential oil, until oil is evenly distributed.



In separate small container, mix sea salt and food color, until color is evenly distributed. Let color sit for 5 minutes. Pour water into mixture, then drain. Repeat until traces of color in water is gone, but some color stays on salt. (Soap dye can be used in this step, if desired.)



Remove water from sea salt by patting dry with napkins. In an even layer, place sea salt on microwavable container. Heat sea salt for 30 seconds or until all moisture is removed.



Mix lavender leaves and baking soda with Epsom salt.



Mix sea salt with Epsom salt.



Pour salt mixture into glass container.



11 Responses to DIY | Aromatic Bath Salts

  1. LaToy Hunt says:

    I love this recipe! This is a great idea for gifts during Christmas. I don’t know any woman that will give a pampering gift away :-).

  2. Denika Letshabo says:

    This is a great idea, I never have the time or funds to go to the spa. I even have most of the items in my home.

  3. Anaya says:

    This would look great in my bathroom just as a decoration.

  4. Shayla C says:

    Oooooooo…trying that this weekend after the kiddos asleep…great for mommy time!!!

  5. Denise says:

    Thanks Kendra for a great idea!

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