Joy and candlestick Table

It’s been a busy month with all the holiday events, getting the gifts ready, baking, cooking and planning.  It can be hard to slow down and enjoy all we have.

My children (young adults now) always help decorate the Christmas tree, set up the village and our Christmas collection table.  It’s been a few years since new tree ornaments were added.  The last I recieved were some beautiful crystal butterflies from Aubrie, our daughter.   Old or new – all the ornaments come with a memory or story.  As I look around today I am so happy to be surrounded the Christmas Past in our Christmas present.

I’m sharing just a few of our favorite things.

These two cards, circa 1940 (!)  are from a large collection of my husband’s Grandmother.  She never threw away a card and when she died, at age 97,  we were lucky enough to be the only ones that wanted the many boxes of her paper keepsakes.

These stockings were handmade by me over the years from Bucilla kits  for my family.  The old one, second from the left, is mine from my childhood – I couldn’t bear to part with it.   It’s a joke in our family that every year since the kids can remember they have found an orange in the toe of their stocking which, after removing all the other goodies, is promptly rolled across the floor back to me.

Special Christmas Ornaments

Our tree holds some very special memories – from the tree-topper Angel and mittens made by our son when he was four to the salt-dough dolls and walnuts painted by our daughter.  Of special significance are the very old vinatage ornaments I got after both of my parents had passed away and those that Steve’s parents handmade every year for each of us.

Wilcox Christmas Tree

It’s not a fancy tree and actually leans a little bit but this is part of it’s charm!

Christmas Table Collection

This is our Christmas table full of miscellany collected over the years.  It’s full of presents from friends and children, cool finds old and new – just a funny little mishmash of memories.     Mr. and Mrs Santa

This was given to me a long time ago by a young woman who was losing her eyesight from her diabetes.  Each year she spent her holidays over a large magnifying glass with special clay making these tiny little scenes.  The Santa’s bag, now lost, was slung over his back and full of the smallest little packages!

Table 2

This miniature tea set was discovered many years ago in an old drugstore in downtown Henderson, Nevada.  The rocking horses are tiny little cream and sugar holders.

Christmas Mouse

This Christmas Mouse was a gift from friends who got it in Scandinavia and it is covered in real mouse hair.  It’s just wonderfully quirky and weird and we love to show it to friends as they all squeal when they touch it!

Village 2

From many years Steve’s parents gave their children the village houses and the grandchildren recieved the wonderful village folks and decor.  The houses are lighted and become a beautiful scene each evening as the Christmas lights come on with the setting sun.

These are the important thingsthe family, the memories, the history, the stories.

The sun’s just going down and soon the house will be lit up – warm and cozy.  Time to put on the kettle and sneak some of the goodies I’m been saving for just this moment.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Warmest best wishes to all for a great holiday!

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