Great outfit for a casual day in Charleston

Charleston South Carolina

Casual and cool - love the skirt!

Charleston South Carolina

Bridge in Charleston South Carolina

A casual dress to keep you cool in the summer heat

Sis-in-law Megan's hair was looking all cute just thrown up like this...

Charleston South Carolina

Terrific views of the surrounding area - Charleston South Carolina

Canada Geese

Charleston South Carolina

The brothers who made this trip come together

Charleston South Carolina. There’s not really any place quite like it. AMAzing food, coastal views, history galore and breathtaking scenery at every corner.

Melody stumbled upon this town while on tour a couple of years ago and made a definite mental note that she needed to go back with her husband. She did have a bit of a packing problem though. Since this vacation was tacked on to the end of a grueling business trip, she really only packed for a week of rehearsals leading up to the album recording. When she finally got to Charleston she realized she barely packed anything…yet she had all of her stage clothes. SO annoying. Ultimately she was forced to take a blog break. So here are the truly comfortable clothes she chose to wear during her complete vacation from EVERYTHING. Seriously, bloggers need to unplug once in a while. She left her phone in the hotel for practically the whole trip and didn’t think about the world of blogging, fashion or music for a minute.

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5 Responses to Charleston South Carolina | Out and About

  1. Charity says:

    I’m so glad you discovered our wonderful city! (I live in Charleston and have for the better part of the last decade.) I love seeing our wonderful city through someone else’s eyes. I forget sometimes how beautiful it is here.

    • Denise @BeBetsy says:

      We were delighted to have our blogger friends at Thread Ethic do this post. Sharon and I have not been there but we want to go. Carolina Heart Strings are friends and bloggers for BeBetsy – one of them lives in North Carolina and the other in South Carolina. Find them on our Home page in the posts and then link to their blog! Thanks Charity for coming by.
      All the best ~ Sharon and Denise

  2. Claire says:

    So close yet so far away. A favorite retreat at close to 3.5 hrs away. It’s amazing! Love the photos!

    • Denise @BeBetsy says:

      We were so happy to have the ladies at Thread Ethic write this post and share it! How nice you are so close to this beautiful City.

  3. Eileen says:

    Charleston is my most favorite city I’ve visited (so far). It’s charisma is unmatched. Unplugging is so important. We all need to do it from time to time.

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