Brandi Powell is an illustrator and printmaker extraordinaire!   We were delighted when one of our readers pointed us in her direction.  What we first noticed was her wonderful color palette which included brights as well as subdued vintage shades of green, blue and red.

Brandi was kind enough to share her story.

Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone, my name is Brandi Powell and I am the owner/artist behind Sweet Harvey. Upon earning my art degree in 2008, I decided to go into business for myself. Freelance works so well for me because I love being able to make my own schedule and choose my projects. My B.A. degree is in Graphic Design & Fine Arts but I ended up an Illustrator/Printmaker. I use the vintage process of Letterpress printing to bring my modern designs to life.

When did you first discover your creative talents?

My first degree was in business and I worked for Corporate America for about 10 years before I finally decided to go to art school. I dabbled in all kinds of crafts but realized that I wanted more from art. Unfortunately, I was not born with a natural talent for drawing or painting but I do have crazy drive and ambition.


Tell us about your process and studio.

My process is all digital until I get to the printing stage. Once I decide on a topic I draw quick sketches with Adobe Illustrator until I get a design that I want to build on. Then I draw directly on the computer until my project is finished. Once the illustration is complete the digital file is sent to the plate manufacturer to get a metal plate made to print from.


If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, who would it be and why?

It would have to be a painter – probably Hessam Abrishami or Sabzi because it would be amazing to see a more traditional process and studio.

What are your dreams for your business?

Honestly, just to be able to continue to work for myself. There is nothing better than working in your pajamas and being able to work when creativity strikes you and not being forced to create between 9-5.

Apart from creating things, what else do you do?

My husband and I love hunting for antiques. We do a lot of flea-markets, estate sales, etc. We just opened a small vintage shop on Etsy to share some of our finds so that we could make room for more. I also LOVE watching TV series shows and movies.


What else would you like our readers to know?

Just that everyone should find something in life that makes them happy. Americans work long days and suffer from serious stress, finding a hobby or release is the greatest gift that you could give your soul.



Visit Brandi at her Etsy Shop * Website * Pinterest * Twitter * Facebook

Thanks Brandi!


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One Response to A Hint of Whimsy | Brandi Powell of Sweet Harvey

  1. Denise says:

    Love this! The colors are wonderful and the applications are great. The scarf is to die for!

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