Our mother Barbara always said “Put a little lipstick on, you’ll feel better.”  That was her remedy for just about everything.

She loved her make-up and would not think about stepping outside the house without her ‘face’ on!

As she got older her mantra was:  Moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize some more.  She even slept on a pink satin pillowcase each night that she swore reduced those morning cheek creases!

When it comes to skincare there are a handful of items that are a must to keep our faces looking and feeling great at every age!

Facial Cleanser and Eye Make-up Remover –  Both your make-up and the day’s dirt should come off every night.  No exceptions.

Moisturizer – Apply a moisturizer after you cleanse.  Choose one that is intended for your skin type – dry, oily, etc.   Apply liberally and don’t ever leave the house without sun protection in your moisturizer of at least SPF 15.  Don’t forget your neck as well!

Exfoliate–   Smoother skin comes from getting rid of dead skin cells.  This easy treatment will leave your skin softer, smoother and looking brighter.   An inexpensive option is to make your own by mixing warm olive oil with a tablespoon of sugar.  Lightly scrub your face with a washcloth and rinse with lots of warm water.

Mask –  The type of mask you’ll use depends on your skin’s need but all of these can produce wonderful results.  A mud mask will tighten skin and clay will do a deep cleaning. For a great moisturizing mask apply a mix of 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons orange juice and a teaspoon of almond oil.  Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.  Yum!

Eye gel – This little product keeps our wrinkle-prone and delicate eye area smoother and firmer looking.

There are many good skincare products on the market.  What you use will depend on your skin type, age and whether you are allergy-prone to certain ingredients.   Whatever your situation, you can improve the look and feel of your skin with a basic regiment of good care!

What are your favorite rituals or secrets to great skin?

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One Response to Beyond a Facial – Go Skin Deep

  1. Kathi says:

    Would be interested in the eye gel test. Sounds soothing! 🙂

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