Betsy\b(e)-tsy, bet-sy\ a woman’s name of English and Hebrew origin. Even today the question of who was the first Betsy is hotly debated. Some believe it was the needle-crazed Betsy Ross who made the first American Flag (yawn), or as noted by numerous historical references, it was likely Betsy of BeBetsy fame – a woman whose rapturous quirkiness, infallible wit and endless good looks inspire zillions of women to cook and share and laugh and enjoy a smashingly good life.


BeBetsy is the brainchild of lifelong best friends, Sharon Glanville and Denise Wilcox, who just happen to be sisters born a scant seventeen months apart.


There were 4 girls in our family— 5 if you count our mother.  Thinking back about the challenge this presented with 1 man, 5 women and 1 bathroom we have come to appreciate why our Dad often said he had to go see a man about a horse, which really meant he was going out for a beer.  Don’t get us wrong, he was the best Dad you could have but honestly, it must have been difficult with all those female hormones, curlers, make-up, shoes and Seventeen magazines.

Why BeBetsy?  Well we like the idea that a modern woman can have a career, carry her baby or grandchild on her hip wearing a fabulous dress and heels (or flats if her feet are killing her) and all the while whistling a snappy tune while she cooks, sews and gardens.  She also finds the greatest joy in friends and family.

Our ideal modern BeBetsy can rock a homemade apron while preparing Chicken Cordon Bleu and utter only the nicest of obscenities if it does not quite work out.

Nothing speaks more to being BeBetsy than a good quote from our mother, often used after she suffered through the details of some rotten situation that one of us faced.  She’d listen intently and with the utmost compassion give us a somewhat less-than-gentle little slap on the knee and say, “Put a little lipstick on, you’ll feel better.”   And so we did.

We’re surrounded with many talented people who will share their stories, ideas and zest for life on BeBetsy. Spend some time with us.  Keep us informed. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, recipes and friendship.  Enjoy!


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