Antique Kitchenware | Pastry Crimpers

I am not a big fan of shopping. About the only two types of stores I care to go to are those that sell antiques or kitchenware. So when I find antique kitchenware I often end up taking something home!

I’m sure the cooks of yesterday only had need for a single drawer to hold their tools versus the drawers full that most cooks have today! The items below aren’t in a drawer at all – they are scattered about or hung up as décor where I can enjoy seeing them every day.

Pastry crimpers hold a fascination for me. Maybe it’s the moving wheel or the fluted design. (As a child I once ran one across my mother’s cherry dining table in spite after not getting my way. It’s amazing I’m still here.)

Pastry crimper

Despite being a rotten child my mom is really kind to me and brought me this one home from England last year.

Pastry crimper

I just love the hand carved bone and little metal pin holding it in place. Amazing that someone went to the trouble to decorate something so utilitarian with a few carved bands.

Two-ended crimper that also holds open a cookbook

This two-ended one holds open a cookbook published in 1913 promoting Crisco.

Antique crimper with a graceful handle

I love the graceful handle on this one. I’ve never used any of them but I bet this one works well.

Antique cookie cutter

Cookie cutters are another item I have a weakness for.

Antique cookie cutter in a shape of a bear

This is a shape that I wonder about. A bear? For some reason I also see it as a beaver.

Antique cookie cutter

And who is this guy? A baker with an apron on? Any ideas?

4 Responses to What’s Cooking in the Kitchen | Antique Kitchenware

  1. I love old kitchenware.My mom has a huge collection (I want to bring it home with me!) Thanks for sharing these treasures.

  2. Winnie says:

    Frankly I’ve never thought of antiques like these, but seeing them I like them!!

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