Several years before my children were born I began to to plan their nursery.

They only existed in my mind and heart but I knew that tradition and history was something I would always want to surround them with. So, what better theme for their nursery then an old toy store?

Even their changing table was an old dry-sink (perfect with its raised sides). Luckily I had some family items already handed down and I began to add to this collection.

My babies have long grown out of the nursery and most of the items are now housed in a set of glass fronted lawyer bookcases but I still enjoy viewing and (dusting?) them…..

The doll, washboard, irons and clothes pins came from my father’s family. The Singer sewing machine came from an elderly neighbor while growing up. I actually sewed with it a long, long time ago.

These soldiers are one of my favorite groupings.

The wear on these medics and the wounded show how well played with they were.

These doll house pieces are from England. The table flaps actually collapse down.

This game attracted me due to its bold, . I keep meaning to find the time to actually play it!

I love this old jump rope!

I keep this picture with my old toys. It was purchased in coastal South Carolina. This black child is very privileged to have toys like this at what appears to be the late 1800s. I would love to know the story behind it…..

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