I grew up sleeping under the quilts my maternal grandmother made for me. My crib quilt as a baby and then beloved cat quilt in my big girl bed.

My mother had stacks of handmade quilts for every bed in the house and extras piled on a shelf in the linen closet. Back then (you know when dinosaurs roamed the earth) they were not the collectable item that they are today . . . . . . . they were a much used household necessity.

My grandma sewed, painted with oils and she loved to crochet. How she found the time with 9 children, a big house, a huge garden, a grocery store, a summer farm and whatever other businesses my grandfather owned, I will never know. It amazes me to think about how accomplished she was. I feel so lucky to still have those two quilts in my possession.

This is my baby quilt, bonneted ladies. I doubt highly she used any sort of pattern that she “bought”. She more than likely roughed it out on newspaper or aaa paper bag paper and fashioned her own pattern.

I remember carrying this quilt around when I was 2 or 3. My mother finally took it from me so that I would not completely destroy it. I am so very thankful she did. I love this quilt and sometimes I will just stand and look at it hanging from my quilt shelf and run my hands over it. I can feel the love with which it was made still radiating from the stitches. I cherish it so much.


This is my cat quilt. It was the blanket on my bed, under whatever bedspread I used from the time I started sleeping in my big girl twin bed until I moved out of the house in my late teens. It got packed up and came to live with me in my new life. It stayed packed for a long time before I took it out and put it on my quilt shelf.


I love how she hand embroidered everything. Aren’t the the cats’ eyes great?


These quilts hang in my hallway on a huge quilt hanger/shelf that The Husband made me (thank you) and I get to walk by them everyday and think of my grandma. It always makes me smile.

Thank you Grandma. I miss you.

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3 Responses to Vintage | Grandma’s Handmade Quilts

  1. Awesome! I treasure mine also. The two quilts I have hanging in my living room are from mine and my hubbys grandmas. I have a chicken one that my maternal grandmother made me when I was about 19. The patchwork quilt is hubbys from his paternal grandmother.

    • Denise says:

      Rebecca thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts!! How wonderful. These treasures are to be cherished!

  2. Denise says:

    You thank you comment to Grandma just made me cry. Where does the time go? It’s good to have memories and being sad means those people and times really meant something. Thank you Carolina Heartstrings – you two add so much to BeBetsy and we love you for it!

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