This month I had a hard time deciding on what vintage or antique treasure I was going to blog about. 

I have quite a few “special” treasured items to choose from and I kept going back and forth in my mind trying to decide which one I wanted to use.    One night while the family was eating dinner I spied just the item for this month’s post.

Nestled among all the “travel” spoons from places I have visited are 4 very special spoons;  my baby spoon, my father’s baby spoon and one for each of my 2 children.    Silver baby spoons are probably a tradition long gone with the advent of all sorts of plastic children’s ware, but I love the feel and look of a small silver spoon laden with some treat for the baby to gobble up.

I feel very fortunate that I have my spoon and my father’s spoon.   They both bear the mark of the  same silver company.  The Rogers Brothers International Silver Company.   William Hazen Rogers (1801 to 1873) was a well-known American silversmith. Rogers, together with his 2 brothers and son, were responsible for more than 100 patterns of silver and silver-plated cutlery and serving dishes.

My father’s spoon is in the pattern called “First Love” and would have more than likely been a set of fork and spoon.   Since my father was born in 1933 and I was born in 1961 I consider both of our spoons to now be antiques!   I just love the pattern on  mine.  Little Miss Muffet sitting on her tuffet complete with a spider.


My children’s spoons I ordered from a company that I had received literature from when they were first born.  Each one engraved with their birth date and name.

I hope that someday “down the road” as they say,  one of my children will want this collection and that nestled among the treasures from the past will be a new spoon bearing the name of our next generation to have a baby spoon.


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