I feel very lucky to live in an old Southern home, especially at Christmas time.  Granted it is drafty in the winter and hard to cool in the summer, but the crooked door jambs and sloping floors work well with my hodge podge collection of antiques. Christmas is a great opportunity to showcase some items and to change up the look of things for a few weeks.

Every year the doors on one of my favorite quilts in my collection get their own bows and a wreath!


This barn was made by my dad about 35 years ago and sits in the dry sink I bought to use as a changing table for my babies that are now 15 and 13 years old.


Cotton picked here in the Low Country of South Carolina takes on the appearance of snow in a North Carolina Frazier Fir.


Antique ornaments that were from my father’s Italian family – some purchased at the turn of the last century after coming to America.


Old glass ornaments are fragile and look suspiciously close to shaking off their perch as the train rattles by this old house.


Tucked away in my blue and white collection are some Christmas favorites.

Throughout the year be on the lookout for antique Christmas items at flea markets, antique stores and even thrift stores.  Museum gift shops and catalogues are good sources of reproductions or create some nostalgia for yourself with a craft project!   Then find a special place to show off your festive finds!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends from Carolina HeartStrings.


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