My mother-in-law Carlita is amazing. She is an accomplished mother, homemaker, seamstress and quilter, baker, cook, gardener, mentor and everything in between.  She has been an example to so many with her devotion, love, caring and steadfast dedication to her faith and family.

She is remarkable and I simply adore her.

This past April was her birthday and that means only one thing – a huge party.   Now a party with the Wilcox clan is not your average experience.  Picture lots of people – now picture more!  The kids, the grand kids, the great-grand kids and lots of noise and laughing.  Kids yelling and crying and running in and out of the house and toys flying and lots and lots of wonderful fun.

And then there is the food.  The food is always epic!  Salads, casseroles or barbecue, Marianne’s homemade rolls with jam, more salads, chips, more rolls!

Of course what we are best known for is the overload of fresh baked delights – cakes of various kinds, pies, cookies and candy all chased down by soda pop and lemonade.  It’s a perfectly fantastic spread of deliciousness.  Leave your diet at the door.

This year Mom’s only request was for an Applesauce Cake.  She was subjected to a lot of good-natured teasing about that cake from those who find it less than exciting but we ignored them!  It was a great privilege to make this cake with her and I’ll always cherish the fun we had.

I love handwritten recipes that show they’ve been put to good use especially when they have aging drips of vanilla.  To have this one and others to pass along through generations is truly a treasure!

The ingredients are simple.  The nutmeg, allspice, cloves and cinnamon are a perfect compliment to the applesauce.  Homemade applesauce is best but canned will do just fine.

Walnuts and raisins are a must!

This cake is so fragrant right out of the oven.  If only I could capture the wonderful smell!

It was the eve of the party and getting quite late when we finished our baking and cleaned up the kitchen.  We both knew that resistance was futile and so as soon as it was cool enough to enjoy we cut two nice pieces and added a big spoonful of Mom’s thick and sweet homemade apple butter.   And then I had another.   And she laughed and we both smiled.

I’m smiling again now as I remember not only this day, but many that she and I have shared.  There will be many more days of laughter and fun together as we always seem to find something interesting to do and for that I am so grateful.

Love you Mom.  XO

You’ll find Carlita’s Applesauce Cake in the recipe section!

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2 Responses to Applesauce Cake Made With Love

  1. Kathleen O'Keefe says:

    Is 300* correct? The cake’s been in the oven at 300*, and it’s still soupy. Thanks.

    • Denise says:

      Wow! Oh my gosh – Well my mother lives in a high altitude in SLC and she has always used 300 but it could go to 325 degrees. I would turn up the oven and bake until it’s just done. I’ve made this many times and it always turns out great. 🙂 Oh dear!

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