Are you counting down the days until Christmas?

We make a big deal at our house of counting down the days.  There are many ways you as a family or individual can do this.  We do it at Church with an advent wreath and many families have one at home that they use to mark the weeks of the Advent season. We love the advent season at our house and we have several “calendars” that we use to mark the passage of time.

We began our collection when my 24-year-old son was a baby.  My first advent calendar started was when I was a I child and was by my aunt.  She called it a “gift ribbon.”  It counted the days down until Christmas with tiny gifts to be unwrapped every day.  What fun that was.  Over the years my collection has grown and every year I still look for that “one” special calendar that grabs my attention.

This is the first one that started it all.  This was made for my son by an aunt when he was a baby.


This was the second one added to our collection.


This is my favorite.  I found it at Restoration Hardware years ago and fell in love with it instantly.  Of course it became my 15-year-old daughter’s favorite.  She is the lucky one who gets to open each door and claim the surprise.


My next  addition to the collection is going to be an advent wreath.  I am on the lookout now!

Does your family have a fun favorite way to “count down” the holiday season?

Great traditions are timeless.  Here are some suggestions where you go to start your advent calendar tradition.

1. Advent Calendars at Amazon
2. The Land of Nod – look under Holiday Decor for Advent Calendars
3. Wayfair – great selection of Advent Calendars

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