My Grandmother’s Ebleskiver pan is on the closet shelf of a bedroom long since abandoned by our son. This is the prime spot as the pan is one of great sentimentality and I can’t bear it being slammed against the other pans in my kitchen.

This is funny because it looks quite sorry with a pocked surface and browned top – you know how pans get when they’ve been oiled and left too long on the burner. This is the result of not being thoroughly cleaned after each use, which I think my Grandmother would have objected to.

Her house was spotless but that pan escaped the suffering of good Danish scrubbing.

Grandmother, or Nana as we called her, was born in 1902 in Elsinore, Utah. She was the tenth child of Danish immigrants Hans Peter and Emma Madsen Hansen. As for Elsinore, it’s a quaint little town in Sevier County, Utah off Highway 89.

My mother was born there as well.  Every few years I’ll whiz by while on the interstate and a profound sadness will envelope me as I consider the history there and those that have passed on before me. Fortunately, I soon break that spell by yelling out a family mantra that surfaces every time we hear the name of the town.

“I snore you snore, we all snore in Elsinore!”

Nana, pictured here on horseback, loved a cup of strong coffee with cream and sugar and a plate of fresh baked Ebleskiver!

It takes a little practice to get them looking presentable but don’t worry no one will care about appearance once they take a bite!

The Ebelskiver pan is unusual but readily available in most Scandinavian specialty shops or online. While browsing the web last week I found one for only $20! So get the family together and create your own new tradition!

Click on the picture below for the recipe!


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2 Responses to A Danish Family Tradition

  1. Aubrie says:

    GREAT ARTICLE!!! Brings back amazing memories both of the fabulous lady that I miss dearly and of my crazy (love you Denise) mother running around the kitchen trying to make her ebelskivers look perfect.

  2. Denise says:

    Thank you Aubrie. You are my dear and my lil’ darling and I love you too! It’s good to have these family memories. Let’s make some.

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